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Creation of LITEK Training and Research Center

Completed projects

Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics (coordinator of LITEK) completed  project “Creation of LITEK Training and research center” (project No. VP2-1.4-ŪM-02-K-01-003), partly funded by the Structural Funds of the Republic of Lithuania and the EU according to InoklasterLT+ mean.

Means: Inoklaster LT+
Project number: VP2-1.4-ŪM-02-K-01-003
Full value of the project: 2 543 782 EUR
Implementation periods: from 2011-11-02 to 2014-10-30

Aim of the project – to promote and accelerate cooperation between Lithuanian industries and sectors and increase their international competitiveness in order to create the necessary infrastructure for ensuring the dissemination of knowledge and technology. The project aims to create favorable conditions for the long-term strengthening of the partnership between the national companies and the scientific community, and the better use of the synergistic effect of such a partnership.

During the project, in the area of ​​Technology Transfer Bar (Savanoriu ave. 231, Vilnius) was designed and built learning and research center about 1500 sq. meters with modern research equipment. The services of the Learning and Research Center can be accessed by cluster members and other companies (external users).

Mission of cluster – a dynamic and productive R&D collaboration between enterprises, research institutions and higher education institutions, other national and international clusters, as well as integrated science/studies/business centers/valleys, and technology platforms promoting innovation in the field of laser and engineering technologies, transfer of the latest scientific and technological knowledge from the academic level to the business in order to increase the sector’s productivity and competitiveness.

Participats of this project – JSC “Arginta”, JSC “Eksma”, JSC “Ekspla”, Elas,Ltd., JSC “Optida”, JSC “Optonas”, JSC “Optolita”, JSC “Progressive Business Sulutions”, Public entity ”Intechcentras” and Centrer for Physical Sciences and Technology



November 3, 2014