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Completed projects
RespiceSME: Regional and National European Support for Photonics Innovation Clusters enhancing SMEs Innovation Potential, H2020-ICT-2015


European partners – Germany, Sweden, France, Greece, Austria, Lithuania, Spain, Ireland, and the UK and have launched the RespiceSME project at the beginning of 2016. The project aims at helping enhance the total innovation potential of European photonics small and medium-sized enterprises (ESM) in optics/photonics and related technologies.

Since photonics economy is leading, one of the Europe’s prime targets have to be a continually investigation in its SMEs so that they would better exploit their innovation potential, generate more business collaborations among photonics companies and initiate more cross sectoral collaborations with the growing sectors of healthcare, environment and energy.

During this project the team will develop methods and find possibilities in determining the innovation potential of SMEs and examine the value chains of companies in the photonics industry. Finally, there will be formed proposals from the consortium to give content-related support to programs in infrastructure, training and private and public financing. In order to achieve this goal, innovation clusters and platforms play a significant key role as facilitators to enable their members to gain access to multiple resources: RD&I platforms in public and or private institutions, capital providers, education facilities and etc.

LITEK will be leading the tasks related to definition of innovation potential and benchmarking of high-tech photonics SMEs and will be in charge of organizing Photonics Videos Competition for young Europeans under the theme “What does photonics and laser technologies mean for me”.

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January 21, 2016