LITEK activities coordinator
Public Entity "Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics"“

Savanoriu ave. 235 Vilnius, LT-02300
Phone 85 266 16 40
Fax: 8 5 260 23 17
Email: info@litek.lt



Laser & Engineering technologies cluster LITEK was established in 2010 but cooperation between science and SMEs continues for more than 20 years already. It all started when manufacturers of laser systems in cooperation with scientific institutions began to develop unique products in the field of photonics. Companies of LITEK together with scientific institutions understood that combining different areas of knowledge, close cooperation, interdisciplinary (in photonics and engineering fields) sharing ideas and convenient business environment are one of the main reasons for more efficient business operations and growing results. That’s how companies and scientific institutions got together in a cluster – LITEK. Being a part of the cluster allows its members not to compete with each other but by combining resources and knowledge direct all the energy for the competition in international markets and easier enter new ones.

Using financing means from 2007 – 2013 European Union Structural funds infrastructure of LITEK training and research center was established. At these days LITEK – it is a structure coordinated by Public Entity “Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics”. It consists of more than ten companies and organizations operating in laser and photonics related engineering technologies fields, carrying out joint R&D (Research and Development) and Innovations oriented projects.


Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster is awarded with the “Bronze Label” certificate for high level and quality of its management.


By working together in R&D activities, we develop world-class laser and engineering technologies


LITEK – world recognizable developer of innovative laser and engineering systems


To create a dynamic work center, which increases the laser and associated engineering technologies sector’s international competitiveness, knowledge and material wealth of LITEK members.