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New member – company Sargasas

Specializing in metal processing and precision mechanics JSC “Sargasas” joined the ranks of the Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster LITEK™. It is a high-tech company raising the standards for precision mechanics. The company manufacturers extremely high-precision parts for lasers, optomechanical devices, medical and aerospace equipment, machine tools and other precision mechanics equipment used in various industrial sectors.


Precision mechanics inspired by the stars

These days the progress of aeronautics, lasers and optomechanics is simply unthinkable without high precision devices and meticulous parts. Precision, safety, high production standards – it’s the basis of Sargasas’ business. The company’s production activities include precision CNC (computer numerical control) milling, CNC turning, sandblasting of parts, surface decoration, powder coating and product assembly.

Sargasas pays special attention to the Industry 4.0. It is constantly growing by improving its production processes and human capital. All manufacturing processes are fully automated and visible in real time. The entire production chain is computerized which guarantees immediate responses to tasks ant their changes. Highly qualified staff and advanced technologies create opportunities to provide exceptional quality services.

Sargasas is one of the suppliers of optomechanical components to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Together with other 13 Lithuanian companies, JSC “Sargasas” actively participates in CERN projects and provides technological and engineering solutions.

Sargas (Theta Scorpii, θ Sco) – is the brightest star in the south of Scorpio's constellation. It is so bright that it’s visible to the naked eye in the night sky. Sargasas is special because of it’s rapid evolution - with each passing million years, this star becomes only brighter and hotter.

Activities in LITEK™

Sargasas has been cooperating with companies from Laser and Engineering Technology Cluster and other Lithuanian laser manufacturers for several years now. Becoming a member of the LITEK™ will encourage cooperation and strengthen the value chain of the cluster. Achieving common goals will provide an opportunity to be even stronger and visible in the global context of laser and engineering technologies.


Laser and Engineering Technology Cluster is a constantly growing and evolving organization that responds to the needs of market and cluster members and invites new members from Lithuania and abroad working in the field of laser and engineering technologies to reach a common goal.