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R&D activities

Laser and engineering technologies sector is very specific and dynamic. In European Union Commission communique “A European strategy for Key Enabling Technologies – A bridge to growth and jobs” (EU, COM (2012) 341) it is said that photonics and advanced manufacturing technology are one of the priority sectors of key enabling technologies (KET) of the European Union. These sectors have a significant impact on economic growth, competitiveness and job creation.


According to EU Commission Communique, key enabling technologies stand out for its essential technological knowledge granting and application in many other fields. Photonics and engineering technologies sectors have a very high demand for innovation development. They are constantly investing in research, experimental development and innovation, competences and new knowledge.


Companies of Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster LITEK are always investing in development of new products and knowledge, in order to remain innovative and competitive, especially in this dynamic sector. More than 50 researchers are working in companies of LITEK and more than 1.6 million Euros per year are spent for implementation of R&D activities. Close business and the largest research institution in Lithuania cooperation, created infrastructure (1.500 m2 of training and research center, clean facilities/laboratories and offices) and research equipment are creating a suitable environment to strengthen cooperation of cluster members in R&D. Research activities carried out by members of LITEK cluster are satisfying the smart specialization strategy approved by European Commission – “New manufacturing processes, materials and technologies”. Several directions of R&D activities:

  • High-power and high-energy laser systems development and testing
  • Specialized fiber laser designing and testing
  • Dielectric optical coatings designing
  • The coating formation process optimization
  • Characterization of optical elements and preproduction development, research
  • Engineering systems modelling

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