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What is needed to create – the product or the innovation?

The product development forum was organized by  public entity „Intechcentras“ in LITEK™ training and research center on November 29th.This event was attended by representatives of LITEK™ members JSC „Altechna coatings“, JSC „Ekstremalė“, Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics ” (STP), Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), JSC „Optolita“  also representatives of these advanced companies as JSC “BIOK laboratory”, JSC „Trukmė“, JSC „BaltLED“, JSC „Baltijos Brasta“. Audrius Jasėnas, the head of public entity „Intechcentras“, shared his insights on the importance of organizing such forums for innovative companies, because their participants are given the opportunity not only to exchange good practice, but also to discuss the problems that have arisen. “At a juncture of different experiences, innovations are born” says the head of the public entity „Intechcentras“, underlining the importance of discussions in the common space. “What is needed to create – the product or the innovation?” – a rhetorical question was asked by a moderator, innovation expert Marius Skarupskas in order to generate the participants’ opinions and arguments for the formulation of the problem have to be solved in the forum. The innovation / product development process the mentor compared with painting on canvas, where the original idea may be known, but the final result of the idea, which can be significantly different from what was expected, is unknown.

The main goal of this forum was to find an individual way of promoting innovation for organizations and to test it in practice by solving one of the company’s challenges. Thus, the companies participating in the event got acquainted with the models of innovation promotion, which will be successfully applied in their companies later, learned about the possibilities and ways of financing of innovation and had the opportunity to establish contacts with potential innovation development partners.

The organizers of the forum hope that its participants will get even more motivation to promote innovation and development in their company after the event.