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New member in LITEK cluster – TOPAG LASERTECHNIK GmbH (Germany)

Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster concluded a collaboration agreement with TOPAG LASERTECHNIK GmbH on 9th of September, 2014 and TOPAG LASERTECHNIK GmbH become a member of LITEK. TOPAG LASERTECHNIK GmbH is manufacturer and supplier of laser technology products that was established in 1993

TOPAG provides industry-proven laser systems in nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond pulse regime, particularly solid-state lasers (Nd : YAG , OPO).  It delivers fiber lasers, laser diode modules, spectrometers, THz spectroscopy equipment, mechanical holders and positioning components, laser and nonlinear crystals, optical components. Recently TOPAG developed and offers diffractive optics, e.g. variable laserbeam attenuators for high power lasers (YAG-, Excimer-), holographic wavefront correctors and beam-shaping elements.

TOPAG LASERTECHNIK GmbH is collaborating with members of LITEK on the production of special beam-shaping optics, carrying out scientific activity.