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The visit of Chinese Embassy diplomats to LITEK™

Mr. Chen Lin China Economic Advisor to the Chinese Embassy in Lithuania together with Embassy staff: Second Secretary Shao Zhenyu and Attaché Yin Siyuan visited the Laser and Engineering Technology Clusters (LITEK™) on March 6th. There were presented the LITEK™ cluster, cluster companies and their products, discussed possibilities mutual cooperation between Lithuanian and Chinese enterprises and Chinese science and technology parks at the meeting, attended by the head of the Center for physical science and technology (FTMC) Laser technology division dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis, director of JSC „Integrated Fiber Optics” Nikolajus Gavrilinas, head of LITEK™ Julius Paužolis and project manager Linas Eriksonas.

Exports of the Lithuanian laser sector to China are only more than 5 percent, and although sales are growing at a rapid pace (more than 20 percent), this does not reflect real opportunities – China is one of the largest laser technology markets in the world. LITEK™ companies export their products to China both directly (through their existing distribution networks and authorized dealers), and indirectly through third-party final products. Both Lithuanian and Chinese companies are interested in expanding their direct contacts and sales.

As high technologies play a decisive role in increasing the efficiency of the national economy and its competitive capabilities, the Lithuanian government promotes high-tech exports to foreign countries. According to LITEK™ project manager Linas Eriksonas, citing the words of the representatives of the Lithuanian economic diplomacy, “if foreign markets open the door of the laser sector, other sectors of Lithuanian industry will follow after.” An example of a successful international partnership and economic diplomacy in the field of photonics was presented a project LASER-GO, which organizes prospective market surveys, including East and South-East Asia and is coordinated by the Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics (FIMTP).

Nikolajus Gavrilinas, director of JSC „Integrated Fiber Optics”, emphasized that the Chinese government’s support in the area of product certification, patenting, licensing is very important for a successful entry into the Chinese market during the meeting. According to him, as China is increasingly developing in high technology, JSC „Integrated Fiber Optics” and other LITEK™ partners are seeking closer cooperation with Chinese enterprises and institutions, as they are interested not only in the export of individual systems or components but also in the development and production of finished products in China itself.

In preparation for this possible cooperation with the Chinese Embassy, it is planned to organize a high-level business visit from Shanghai in September of this year. Delegations are invited to join the Shanghai Institute of Laser Technology, the Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center, the Shanghai Light Industry Association, the Shanghai Information Technology and Communications Industry Association and other business organizations and companies interested in opportunities to establish business contacts with LITEK™ companies.