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Review of ExpoLaser 2013

The exhibition ExpoLaser 2013 took part in Piacenza, Italy on 14th-16th of November. The main participants of the exhibition were Italian manufacturers of lasers and laser systems that are used in industry and medicine. Also, there were exhibiting various distributing companies that operate in the Italian market.

ExpoLaser 2013 is a midle size photonics exhibition in comparision with other photonics exhibitions in Europe. About 80 companies were representing its products, applications and services. LITEK marketing specialist Daugirdas Kuzma visited other exhibitors and represented Laser and Engineering Technology cluster. The main purpose of participation at ExpoLaser 2013 was to find new business opportunities or partnership between the member companies of Laser and Engineering Technology Cluster and Italian companies. Italian laser companies are very strong market players in worldwide photonics market and are recognized as reliable manufacturers of laser systems. Laser systems manufactured by Italians are used in light industry, medicine and beauty industry. Some examples of laser applications in beauty industry would be the removal of tatoos, pigmentation or hair, or in the treatment of scars. The Italian manufacturers of these laser systems integrate lasers and components manufactured in other countries. Their lasers do not feature any special requirements or very unique specifications, the most important criteria is reliability.

Many of the marketing material of Laser and Engineering Technology Cluster such as brochures, catalogues and USB keys were distributed to potential customers or business partners. Part of the member companies are represented in Italy by ACAL Bfi who also distributed catalogues and brochures of Laser and Engineering Technology Cluster to potential customers.

It should be mentioned that business contacts were established with these Italian companies: Laser Optronic, Zaniboni Laser, SISMA, Rofin-LASAG, RAYLASE, Sei Laser,  Promozione L@ser, PROCON, II-IV Italia, ACAL BFI Italy, Optoprim, Nexlase, Lasit, Jenoptik, Gooch&Housego, FOBA Italia, Electtronica Valseriana, Diamond, Bright Solutions. Moreover, LITEK maketing specialist Daugirdas Kuzma visited laser manufacturing companies: Datalogic Automation srl., GAP Lasers & Photonics, Quanta Systems. During the visit at the companies the partnership opportunities were discussed in electrooptical component and other fields.

Some moments from ExpoLaser 2013