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LITEK™ participates in PhotonHUB Europe project

The international photonics project PhotonHub Europe: One-Stop-Shop Open Access to Photonics Innovation Support for a Digital Europe has been launched. The aim of the project is to create one-stop-shop access to a network of centers of excellence and a sustainable research and innovation support ecosystem for SMEs, which will help accelerate the uptake and integration of photonics technologies into innovative products in order to increase the competitiveness of European industry and promote new business models. The services will focus on the following sectors: health, biotechnology, manufacturing, agriculture, food, defense and security, space, digital, automotive, energy.

Photonics is one of the essential components of process digitization, determining the accurate and operative collection and transmission of information. We usually understand the digitization of processes as the implementation of an IT system, the collection of large data, the application of robotic systems. Not everyone ponder  how a robotic system knows what to do, how big data is collected, and so on. This is where photonics solutions come in handy: optical sensors help to determine the amount of pesticides in the crop in real time, identify pollution or other non-compliance with established standards. LIDAR systems allow to create high-precision 3D maps required for self-propelled cars, in the Agro area and elsewhere. Laser systems ensure extremely accurate material cutting or machining.

The Lithuanian region is represented in this project by the Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster LITEK™. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Europe’s strongest photonics technology developers. The project brings together more than half a hundred European centers of excellence, ready to join forces and share their skills, knowledge and technology with companies in the traditional industrial sector. This is a great opportunity not only for Lithuanian companies in various industries to gain access to the latest technologies that help ensure control of the production line and automate activities, but also for Lithuanian photonics companies to show their skills in developing relevant products or services, ” says Kristina Ananičienė, LITEK™ Coordinator. Representatives of the Laser and Engineering Technology Cluster will be responsible for publicizing project activities, educating companies about the new opportunities created by photonics technologies and finding partners. LITEK will join the sustainable operation and networking of the PhotonHUB Europe Digital Innovation Center, attracting investment in photonics-based innovations.

PhotonHUB training and professional development

During the project, great attention will be paid to raising the qualification of employees of companies. It is planned to organize virtual trainings, to establish at least 40 demonstration “demo” centers, where it will be possible to get acquainted with the applicability of photonics technologies in different fields, starting with biomedicine, ending with smart cities or mobility. According to K. Ananičienė, systematic in-service training, technology demonstration centers or courses in the strongest European centers will ensure convenient access to knowledge for any company. In this way, not only will the staff be trained to work with the latest photonics technologies, which is especially relevant for new users of such technologies, but also the possibilities of photonics technologies and their applicability in different business areas will be publicized.

PhotonHUB support for technology experiments (test before invest)

The goal of PhotonHUB Europe is to give companies access to the most advanced photonics technology and knowledge on a one-stop-shop basis. The aim is to create open access to enable companies in various industries (especially first-time users of photonics technology) to develop new products throughout the value chain: from early stage concept, mock-up (TPL3-4) to prototype (TPL 5-6) or pilot batch ( TPL7-8).

As part of the PhotonHUB project, so-called “Open Calls” are planned, during which companies will be able to apply for cascading funding. Depending on the scope of the project and the level of technological readiness (TPL), companies will be able to apply for 2 – 150 thousand. Eur funding. PhotonHUB cascading funding will be limited to transnational project initiatives.

“The problem is that small businesses that want to innovate in their operations often face a lack of funds. This is associated with an increasing risk of financial liabilities. The possibility  to apply to PhotonHUB EUROPE and receive funding for a photonics technology test reduces this risk. Companies can test technologies and later decide on their suitability in their field of activity, ”says K. Ananičienė.

The added value will be created by the free assistance of PhotonHUB Europe experts in the fields of business, finance and intellectual property in order to ensure faster adoption of photonics technologies. This help will be especially relevant for first time users.

PhotonHUB help in investment search

By organizing forums, partnership events, various meetings, PhotonHub Europe will help innovative companies to find venture or other private / public capital investments. The aim is to strengthen the ability to bring new photonics or photonics-enabled products to market more quickly. Intellectual property advice will be provided.

For more information about the opportunities that open up, please contact info@litek.lt