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LITEK members participated at “Optics+Optoelectronics”

The exibition „SPIE Optics+Optoelectronics“ was held in accordance with the conference and took place in Prague, Czech Republic from 15th to 18th of April, 2013. The main focus of this exhibition was on European laser components that were used in opto-electronics, optical instruments and lasers.

During this exhibition 30 to 40 companies were showcasing their products to the attendees of the conference. According to the organizers, there were up to 500 attendees and the biggest part consisted of scientists from Czech Republic.

It is important to mention, that during the conference Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) projects, which are very important for LITEK members EKSPLA and EKSMA OPTICS, were presented. EKSPLA and EKSMA OPTICS take part in the tenders in order to supply lasers and laser components for ELI projects. ELI is an European project that unites 40 scientific institutes from 13 European countries. The project is devoted to four pilot projects: „ELI Attosecond“ Szeged, Hungary; „ELI Beamlines“ Dolní Břežany, Czech Respublic; „ELI Nuclear Physics“ Magurele, Romania and “ELI Ultra High Intensity”.

LITEK members EKSMA OPTICS and EKSPLA presented their products such as opto-electronic drivers and power supplies, electro-optical modulators and laser components. More than 40 catalogues of Laser components, 50 USB catalogues and brochures were distributed during the exhibition „SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics“.

Moments from exhibition: