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International exhibition “Laser World of Photonics” in Munich

One of the largest and most significant laser exhibitions “Laser World of Photonics 2017” took place in Munich, Germany on 26th – 29th June. 1293 participants had the opportunity to represent their new developed technologies and products for more than 32,000 exhibitors. This exhibition was a great opportunity to see what the future of photonics would look like, to find potential partners and gather some contacts for the future perspective. A congress was held along with the exhibition. It has attracted the most prestigious minds of photonics from all around the world.

A wide range of Lithuanian companies took place in the exhibition – from components manufacturers to laser system integrators, 12 companies in total had their own stand.  Members of Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster (LITEK) JSC “Ekspla”, JSC “Optolita”, JSC “Elas” and TOPAG also were participating.

Mantas Zamčikas the Head of Business Development Team of PI “Versli Lietuva”, says that participating in the exhibition 4th time, Lithuanian companies show initiative and cooperation, forget competition and ambitions in order to achieve e results that exceed expectations. “We took part in this exhibition for the first time 30 years ago” – remembers Petras Balkevičius, the Director of the JSC “Eksma”. “We introduced our first laser. After the exhibition, this laser was sold in Germany and did not return to Lithuania.”

This years exhibition was successful for LITEK companies. JSC “ELAS: introduced a new laser microprocessing machine MASTER1, which was developed for working with transparent materials. These days, such applications as the carving of sapphire pallets, glass cutting, hole drilling in precious stones and the marking of various materials are becoming more popular. That we could see at the Munich exhibition, when attracting a lot of interested and potential customers.” – says Jelena Puchova, the sales manager of JSC “Elas”. JSC “Ekspla” introduced new generation of fiber and industrial lasers, a photoconductive system for medical applications, a femtosecond combined wavelength system based on OPCPA technology developed in Lithuania and laser electronic components.

JSC “Optolita” which sells its production under the trademark “Eksma Optics” presented the solutions for the fastest growing segment – ultra-high performance lasers. It is optics and ultrasonic pulse selector. – said Daugirdas Kuzma, the Head of Marketing and Business Development of Optolita.

The laser sector in Lithuania has been growing steadily over the last few years – about 10-15% a year and over the last five years, it has almost doubled. New companies are being developed constantly and their products are exported to the 100 different countries of the world, including the largest countries of the European Union, Japan and the USA.