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Innovative “Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver License” training in LITEK™

“Out of a lot of world-wide challenges, the most difficult task probably is how to manage the fourth industrial revolution that started at the beginning of the century. New technologies and inventions combine physical, digital and biological worlds in ways which are essentially changing the mankind. And how much these changes will be useful to us will depend on how we manage the threats and opportunities that are on the road” (Klaus Schwab, Founder and Head of the World Economic Forum, https://www.vz.lt). This quote from professor Klaus Schwab should be dedicated for the training “Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 driver license” organized in  LITEK™ by PE “InTechCentras” on March 26-27, a representative of the Germany Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0 in Lithuania, the main objective of which is to help companies  perceive/overcome the challenges of industrial digitization. These training offer solutions to businesses that are thinking of a competitive future and help them to take a fresh look at corporate strategy, maturity, human resources policy and internal corporate culture.

Manufacturing and process improvement specialists from “Stansefabrikken” JSC, “Stansefabrikken Automotive” JSC also representatives from “HidroBalt” JSC, “Ekstremalė” JSC, “Terekas” JSC, “Ukmergės pramonės parkas“ JSC were attending the training organized by PE “InTechCentras”.

“Industry 4.0” training is divided into three levels of different topics. Participants of the “Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 driver license”  completed in the LITEK conference hall these first level training: Development of the Industrial Concept; Fundamentals of Digitization; Great data; Internet of Things and Services; Industry 4.0 Matrix; Horizontal and vertical integration; Research and Development 4.0; Production 4.0; Logistics 4.0; Business Model Innovation 4.0. An interactive workshops and intensive exchanges of information with other course participants and lecturers were organized during the training.

The “Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver License” lecturer is Philipp V. Ramin, the founder of the German Innovation Center for “Industry 4.0”, who has gained a valuable experience working for Mercedes-Benz and BMW in which has implemented process development projects.

The Laser and Engineering Technology Clusters (LITEK™) is always open to innovative training.