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LITILIT-the member of association “Unicorns Lithuania”

The association’s full members are joined by UAB “Litilit”, one of the fastest growing laser technology companies in the world, patenting a fundamental technology that allows lasers to be produced up to 100 times more efficiently than was possible until now.

The lasers of the Lithuanian startup are applied in the semiconductor and electronics industries, in the production of medical equipment, in eye operations, in material processing, in microscopy, aviation and space research. With a pronounced technological advantage, they help processes migrate from laboratories to factories, thereby contributing to the advancement of various industries.

“Litilit” is already known to world scientists and industry representatives. Essential technological solutions are created by Lithuanian scientists, and the highest quality products make the name of our country famous.

The slogan “Lasers for better life” reflects Litilit’s vision for the future – to transfer advanced laser technologies from science to industry and even further until they are used in the household – advanced processes will become available to everyone.

Welcome on board, unicorn-to-be!

“Litilit” is on a mission to advance industries through well-designed, reliable and affordable femtosecond lasers.


The author of this text and photo: association „Unicorns Lithuania