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Photonics and laser technologies help implement digital transformations: Europe allocates over 7.4 million euros

The ability to manage light technologies also with their help to collect and process information, has led to the emergence of many innovations that have changed our way of life. March 23 At the remote seminar “Innovation and Photonics Technologies – You Can!“, photonics innovation leaders will meet to discuss visions for the future of Europe: how EU industry will transform, increasingly through the use of innovative laser and other photonics technologies. The Department of Laser Technologies of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) and the Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster (LITEK™) are organizing an event for business people interested in modernizing their production processes and learning more about technological and financing opportunities for photonics projects or product development. Participation in the event is free, but pre-registration is required.

The digitalisation of industry is one of the European Union’s key priorities for maintaining Europe’s competitiveness in world markets. According to the Head of Laser Technology Department of FTMC dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis, advanced technologies based on lasers, extensive application of photonics to the monitoring and control of production processes are the main tools for digital production. The intstallation of laser or photonics technologies (eg remote detectors, LIDAR, scanners, spectrometers, laser processing, etc.) in to the production chain, helps to achieve greater flexibility in production, processing speed and quality, reduces defects, production and monitoring costs in various industries . According to dr. G. Račiukaitis, currently these are one of the main goals and aspirations of the digitalization of the industry. That is why Europe encourages companies to implement and test innovative, efficiency-enhancing solutions, thus strengthening the EU’s global leadership and competitiveness.

The access to photonics innovations – for every business

There are currently more than 24 million small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), which generate as much as 99% of European GDP. However, due to the relatively high risk and low capital available, these companies are reluctant to invest “upside down” in the integration of innovative technologies in their production processes – according to experts, this is the biggest problem facing digitalisation of processes. The European Commission, in order to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt the latest technologies and increase competitiveness in 2021-2025 through the PULSATE and PhotonHUB projects, allocates more than 7.4 million. Eur funding for “test before invest” in photonics and laser technology solutions.
“text-align: justify;”>According to Kristina Ananičienė, Coordinator of the Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster (LITEK ™), the aim is to reduce the existing barriers to business process or product modernization: industrial companies in Lithuania and throughout Europe. Thanks to these initiatives, Lithuanian companies in the medical, engineering, healthcare, defense, agricultural, food and other sectors will have unique access to the largest EU photonics competence centers. There will also be opportunities to “attract” funding for technology transfer experiments. In addition, employee training programs will be prepared, as well as an international network of experts operating on the “one-stop shop” principle, which will help the company to find the best technological solution for the specific situation ” says K. Ananičienė.

Photonics is the key to the digitalisation of industry

Photonics is the science and technology involved in the control and use of light in a wide range of fields, from optical fiber transmission, non-contact sensors, high-precision laser cutting or welding systems to non-invasive cancer cell identification or eye surgery. It can be argued that photonics is one of the fundamental fields of science that has led to the possibility of digitization.

Thanks to optical sensors and laser spectroscopy in the agricultural and food production sector, it is possible to record and perform real-time analysis of food raw materials, identify product or atmospheric pollution, and the amount of bacteria or pesticides. The LIDAR system provides the ability to prepare accurate 3D maps of large areas, to determine the extent of the harvest. LIDAR is also widely used in the field of automotive or robotics in the development of autonomous machines.

Fiber sensors are being applied in the construction sector to identify structural defects. High-energy laser systems are applied in industry by making large-scale, high-precision cuts of metal, plastic, glass or even textiles, treating their surfaces, giving materials new properties. These are just a few examples of the use of photonics in various industries, which are already having a significant impact on the modernization of companies’ production processes or products.

Skydelio pjovimas CO2 lazeriu

Innovation and Photonics Technology – You Can!

On 23rd of March at the online event “Innovation and Photonics Technologies – You Can!” we invite you to discuss Europe’s vision for digitizing and streamlining processes in health, agriculture, food, electronics, automotive, energy, security, metalworking, textiles, fashion and other industries also to share experience in implementing solutions based on photonics technologies. The participants of the event will be greeted by a representative of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania, great visionaries of the photonics industry from Lithuania, Poland and other European countries will take part, business companies will share good digitization experience. Participants of the event will be able to get acquainted with detailed information on the availability and possibilities of financing and other tools that promote the photonics-based digitization process.

The event will take place on 23rd of March, 10:00 a.m. Pre-registration required. More information on the event page.