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Lithuanian Laser Association invites you to participate in the contest and celebrate the Day of Light together

In the run-up to the International Day of Light initiated by the United Nations and UNESCO, which is celebrated annually on May 16, members of the Lithuanian Laser Association invite to join the initiative, participate in the contest and learn more about lasers that contribute to scientific and medical progress for 60 years.

The motto of this year’s International Day of Light is “Trust Science”, which calls on the public to trust science and scientists.”This is the second year that the global pandemic has highlighted the importance of science ecosystems in tackling global crises. We are witnessing unique solutions and discoveries, when in a very short time – a little over a year – solutions have been researched and found in the fight against COVID-19. “The last two years have reminded how important is the trust in science to the world and to humanity”- says the executive director of Lithuanian Laser Association dr. Petras Balkevičius.

The laser revolution in medicine

To mark International Day of Light, members of the association will highlight the potential of lasers and their technologies in medicine.The potential of light technologies is still gaining momentum, and according to the developers of these technologies, the possibilities of using lasers in medicine are limitless. The laser has been established in medicine since its inception. Many are aware that lasers perform vision correction surgeries, but few have heard that lasers have an inexhaustible potential to save lives – from diagnosing early-stage diseases to – like science fiction – growing nanorobots or spare organs from several human cells in special grids.

We will tell you more about the use of lasers in medicine and show them in the account of Lithuanian Laser Association for the next two weeks. Sign in!

Photo contest

We also invite you to participate in the photo contest “Light-Darkness”. The photos that reveal the theme of the competition – the play of light and darkness, shadows and contrasts – will be awarded cash prizes – three lucky amateur photographers will receive 200 Eur each.

The photos of the participants will be judged by two members of the competition commission, who are in one way or another related to science, photography and of course light.The first member of the commission is VU professor dr. Mikas Vengris, the winner of the Lithuanian Science Prize, together with colleagues – dr. Audrius Dubiečius and dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas – awarded for the 15-year work cycle “Interaction of Intense Laser Radiation with Material: From Fundamental Research to New Technologies”.The second is Gabrielius Jauniškis, VU Faculty of Physics the Master of Physics and professional photographer, capturing the most important moments in events and concerts of the most famous Lithuanian performers.”Capturing a good shot is about overtaking time, predicting the future and taking advantage of lights and shadows. The studies of physics helped to develop logical thinking, to understand the principle of the moment and the psychology of people, ”-says photographer Gabrielius Jauniškis, adding that photography is a trick with light, darkness and shadows.

The photo contest “Light-Darkness” will take place in  May 4-14, 2021. Participation is open to amateur photographers over 16 years of age (younger people can participate with the permission of parents or guardians). Participants can submit one photo for the contest. Send photos by messenger to LITHUANIAN LASER ASSOCIATION FACEBOOK. The organizers will announce the finalists on May 16 (Sunday), 2021 in LITHUANIAN LASER ASSOCIATION FACEBOOK.

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