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LITEK ™ companies at SPIE Photonics West exhibition

In the first week of February, representatives of the laser and laser optics industry around the world had the opportunity to attend one of the largest and most significant photonics innovation exhibitions SPIE Photonics West (San Francisco, USA), to showcase technological innovations, that announce recent developments and  discoveries of research.

The exhibition, like every year, amazed by the large number of visitors – over 22,000 participants visited it in six days. Representatives of companies JSC “Ekspla”, JSC “Eksma Optics”, JSC “Integrated fiber optics”, JSC “Elas”, JSC “Optonas”, JSC “3 photon”, JSC “QS lasers” and other companies  demonstrated the technological innovations created by these companies this year.

Ernius Kapačinskas, sales manager of JSC “3 photon”, was particularly pleased with the large flow of participants and interest. During the exhibition, besides other components offered by the company, a non-standard electro-optical switch (pockels cell), featuring convenience, efficiency and resistance to laser radiation, was introduced.

The importance of the event is confirmed by Daugirdas Kuzma, director of marketing and business development, JSC “EKSMA Optics”. JSC “EKSMA Optics” has been participating in the SPIE Photonics West exhibition for over 20 years. This year the company demonstrated laser optics, nonlinear and laser crystals, laser electronics and electro-optical components. “The exhibition was very intense for us, and we recorded a very large influx of visitors to our booth, which was staffed by as many as four company representatives,”- Daugirdas Kuzma said. According to the interlocutor, “homework” in such exhibitions is very important for good results, coordinating targeted meetings not only with local clients (USA) but also with the rest of the world. The director of marketing and business development at JSC “EKSMA Optics”, expects that “new contacts or meetings with existing customers at the SPIE Photonics West exhibition will contribute to further sales growth of our laser components are being exported”.

JSC “Integrated fiber optics” and JSC “Plazmonas” could enjoy new transatlantic partners and abundance of visitors during the exhibition. Asked about achievements at the SPIE Photonics West exhibition, director of JSC “Plazmonas” Jaroslav Kodz said “we are in the right place and at the right time,” as the rapidly developing field of biophotonics in the world creates strong competition among photonics companies. Representatives of JSC “Integrated fiber optics” and JSC “Plazmonas” have introduced to the market a new and innovative product, femtosecond laser suitable for the field of biophotonics, applicable to nonlinear microscopy technologies and their biomedical applications for cancer diagnosis and tissue imaging.