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The laser welding system developed by the Lithuanian company is already on the German market

The company Diodela, which develops the latest generation laser welding systems, participated in a visit to Northern Germany organized by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in order to start exporting its products to Germany, and found new partners. “Wenzel Schweißtechnik OHG” significantly contributes to the successful development of Diodela’s activities in Germany, and the company’s exports to this country make up as much as 15% of the company’s income in 2022. “Cooperation with a company operating in Germany allows us to set and maintain the highest quality standards, to understand and implement the essential needs of representatives of the manufacturing industry,”- notes Eimantas Zopelis, the head of Diodela’s business development.

Traditional welding techniques no longer meet the needs of today’s industry. Low efficiency, slow learning process, welding methodology – all this causes a shortage of welders throughout Europe. According to Eimantas Zopelis, currently, Lithuania alone lacks at least 1,500 specialists in this field. On the contrary, the innovative method of welding – laser welding – allows welding at least 5 times faster, using 30-40% less electricity and obtaining strong and aesthetic seams. “You can become a laser welding specialist after just a few months of training, which is especially relevant for the young generation, who want everything here and now,”- concludes the business development manager of Diodela.

Innovative technologies contribute to the popularity of professions working in the manufacturing industry, and similar devices not only increase the efficiency of processes and work productivity, but also contribute to the promotion of circularity, i.e. saves valuable resources and reduces the negative impact on the environment around us.

Source: EEN Lithuania