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Laser microfabrication. Review

Lasers in Lithuania have become very popular in research and production area since its creation. Although laser technologies in Lithuania have been put into use more than 50 years ago but the laser micromachining has started to take interest only from the beginning of this century. Micromachining is a technique for fabrication of structures on the micrometer scale. Currently, it is one of the most popular areas of study, allowing for different sectors (from research centers and universities to laser system manufacturers) collaborate and seek common laser microfabrication technology development solutions.

Laser precision microfabrication became a new goal searching for real, reliable and competitive industrial technologies. Research and industry are collaborating on this new technology. Its uses include precise machining of micro-components, selective and high-speed processing of thin films for photovoltaics and electronics, glass and sapphire processing and etc. More information about microfabrication in Lithuania can be found in a review article „Laser microfabrication in Lithuania“ by Saulius Mikalauskas (director of UAB „Elas“) and Gedimino Račiukaičio (head of the Department of Laser Technologies of Center for Physical Sciences and Technologies, FTMC).

Laser and Engineering Technologies cluster LITEK is also developing microfabrication technologies. At this time there are two Eurostars implementing projects.

First project – MultiLas. It has started on 1st of January, 2016. One of the participants is a member of LITEK UAB „Elas“. Company „Amplitude Systems“ also contributes to the project – they are developing high-power femtosecond laser. With this laser it will be possible to drill dozens of holes in parallels using distributed light by diffractive optical elements. Company „Holo/or“ is manufacturing diffractive optical elements. UAB “Elas” in the end will gather the individual components to one final product prototype and do all research it will need. According to director of UAB „ELAS“ Saulius Mikalauskas, they are waiting for the laser to be made and ready to use.  After the research on prototype UAB „ELAS“ will be able to start producing real product –  micromachining units. The end of the project is December, 2016.

Second project – SLAM-HELP. Three members of LITEK are participants in this project: UAB „ELAS“, „Amplight Kg“ and FTMC. Project has just started – on the 1st of June, 2016. The aim of this project is to produce machine with high impulse energy laser for manufacturing various large structural surfaces (water repellent, staying clean and other special surfaces).  „Amplight Kg“ is responsible for making high energy femtosecond laser.  FTMC is investigating two different surface processing technologies: parallel processing and interfering processing. When the femtosecond laser will be finished and research on surface‘s processing will be done, UAB „ELAS“   will have to create final prototype of machine. Whole project will be finished in two years.