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“Diodela” joins LITEK™ community

SC “Diodela”, a developer of laser solutions for industry, has joined the Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster (LITEK™) community.

“Diodela” is a start-up company of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), which develops industrial laser systems for welding, cleaning and other materials processing. By enabling light technologies, the company offers a better experience in welding and material surface cleaning – maximum accuracy and high efficiency without thermal deformation. The new generation of technology is environmentally friendly and extremely convenient to use, and is suitable for industrial companies of various profiles seeking to increase their productivity and income.

According to LITEK™ cluster coordinator K. Ananičienė, “Diodela” is a great example that shows that the knowledge of the highest level of photonic technologies developed in Lithuania is actively commercialized, and solutions based on laser technologies are increasingly available not only to this field specialists, but also to others- restorers or shipbuilders. “Diodela” proves that innovative photonic solutions can be the key to a sustainable industrial breakthrough.