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Digital innovation centers – support for business digital transformation

The implementation of digitization processes is relevant for both traditional industry and high-tech sectors. Digital transformation allows companies to modernize old processes, speed up workflow, strengthen security and increase profitability.

Many businesses have heard about the importance of digitization and the benefits it creates in a competitive environment, but when they start taking appropriate actions, many are faced with an abundance of information. Also, a frequent problem, especially for SMEs, is the lack of funds for testing or implementing innovations, investments that do not necessarily turn out to be successful. One-stop digital innovation centers (Lit. abbreviated: SIC, English abbreviated: DIH) help to avoid these problems – to eliminate redundant information and to select specific solutions that allow to achieve maximum results in companies.

Photonics is the key to digitization. PhotonHUB Europe

Photonics is all about the generation, control, transmission and manipulation of light. Photonics plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of industry, as it enables faster, more accurate data transmission and processing, more efficient production processes and increased energy efficiency. The international digital innovation center PhotonHUB Europe, which connects over 50 of the strongest EU competence centers and partners, helps European companies to transform by implementing and creating light-based solutions. Generally available technological audits, test-before-invest, consultations on attracting investments and other activities are only part of the services available to any company in Lithuania or another EU country.

Joint Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH)

The Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) is a pan-European initiative to accelerate digital transformation across the European Union. One of the boxes of this network is EDIH4IAE.lt, dedicated to the digital transformation of the industrial, agricultural and energy sectors in Central and Western Lithuania, inviting companies operating in the aforementioned sectors to apply for consultation and use free services:

  • Need/opportunity assessment
  • Action planning
  • Information about technology
  • Search for technologies / partners
  • Finding funding
  • Training
  • Expert consultations
  • Test before invest

All of this will help companies successfully and quickly take the path of digital transformation: top-level experts will share knowledge and advise on how to effectively digitize business processes and increase the company’s competitiveness.

Consultations are provided in artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things systems, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, photonics technologies, process control systems, automation technologies, workplace digitization solutions, smart sensors, controllers and actuators, cyber security solutions, cloud computing technologies, automated warehouse management systems etc. on the issues of the fields.

In addition, companies participating in the EDIH4IAE.LT initiative will be able to discover the opportunities opened up by international networking and be convinced of their benefits. The long-term experience of EDIH4IAE.LT partners in the European Enterprise Network and partnerships with other European digital innovation centers will contribute to faster integration of companies into international value creation chains.

The EDIH4IAE.LT initiative is implemented by Lithuanian Innovation Center  LIC (coordinator), the Science and Technology Park Institute of Physics (STP), the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuanian agrifood tech innovation house ART21, the Digital Innovation Hub “AgriFood Lithuania”, Lithuanian Energy Institute and Smart Energy DIH.