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LITEK attended in efficient meeting moderation training

On 9-10 April, 2013 LITEK training session from the cycle “Training about team building and cooperation reinforcement” was held, which is partly funded by means of the project “Reinforcement of international competitiveness of Laser and Engineering technology cluster”. Topic of the training was “Effective Conducting and Management of Meeting”. Moderated meeting – it’s a discussion group of people, during which the leader makes use of those involved participants experience, insight, ingenuity and knowledge in order to achieve an acceptable outcome for all. Outputs can be absorbed better knowledge of the business plan and sales strategy, customer list, etc.

The ultimate purpose of the moderated meeting – commitment to act! Using skill based moderation you can assemble a more diverse and wider circle of the information and opinions, to hear each participant,to increase each participants level of activity and interest, effective management of the meeting time, to achieve a much higher level of dedication and commitment, to speed up the learning and development processes. During the training was developed skills of participants to develop an appropriate environment for the meeting, develop and prove the rules of the meeting, to formulate affecting issues include managing the audience silent participants and calming proactively manage the various obstacles – side conversations, telephone calls, to encourage participation, recognize and acknowledge the contribution of good , managing the emotions of the audience, keeping the discussion agenda and the topic boundaries

Minutes of the training: