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The new member of FTMC team – “Optolab”

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) has complemented its success story with the newly established laboratory “Optolab”, founded by a team of young, competent professionals dr. Saulius Tumėnas, the head of the laboratory senior researcher  dr. Linas Minkevičius and dr. Andrejus Geižutis.

The intensive growth of demand of optoelectronic devices for aeronautics, warfare and medicine is noticeable both in Lithuania and around the world as well as intensifying competition in this field. Companies seeking to establish themselves in the optoelectronics market must already provide high-quality products. This requires specific, high-tech laboratories such as FTMC “Optolab”.

The idea to establish this modern laboratory arose when FTMC needed to develop new optoelectronic products also accurately assess their quality and operating parameters. Researches, such  those carried out by the Center in this field, are no longer carried out by researchers from any other Baltic country. “Optolab” provides testing and characterization services for optoelectronic systems for both startups without technical testing capabilities and existing high-tech photonics companies, and qualified specialists ensure reliable assessment of technical parameters as well as reliable, high-quality, precision optoelectronic devices for the end users: infrared cameras, night vision devices, laser sights and medical diagnostic tools, etc. In this way, with the help of a team of professionals, young companies gain the opportunity to accelerate the time of lauching product to the market and also reduce the cost of quality control within the company.

This laboratory is already successfully contributing to the development of innovative products, their characterization and testing in leading optoelectronics and photonics companies: UAB „Altecha“, UAB „Altechna Coatings“, UAB „EKSMA Optics“ and other lithuanian semiconductor companies.

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