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Laser production workshop for the Lithuanian public

Laser industry production activity in Lithuania is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and, according to experts, it is one of the most developed areas of Lithuanian industry. However, a rare resident of our country knows how Lithuanian lasers, which have been making Lithuania famous all over the world for 40 years, are made. The Lithuanian national television provided an opportunity to take a closer look at the laser production workshop, to get acquainted with the innovative production processes used in the assembly of laser systems.

UAB LITILIT, which has been developing advanced ultrashort pulse lasers for 8 years, is not afraid of any challenges – it is one of the fastest developing laser technology companies in the world, constantly investing in innovative solutions, such as, for example, industrial robots that help ensure the accuracy of assembled laser systems, eliminate the occurrence of human errors factor, speeds up the entire system assembly process. “The use of robots greatly contributes to the quality of laser production and eliminates uncertainties,”- says Nikolajus Gavrilinas, the head of LITILIT.

UAB EKSPLA, an old company in the production of laser systems, develops and assembles both small lasers for industry and giant room-sized laser systems for scientific research, in demand by many companies and scientific institutions around the world.

The president of the Lithuanian Laser Association dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis states that the turnover of the Lithuanian laser industry in 2022 reached 210 million euros and grew by as much as 21%, when the growth of the European photonics industry was 7%. Currently, Lithuanian lasers are developed by 60 companies employing 1.6 thousand people. workers. “Lithuanian laser manufacturers have ambitions to establish themselves in the medical field, using the experience of manufacturing large laser systems” – the president of the Lithuanian Laser Association introduces the future prospects of laser use and emphasizes that although Lithuanian laser technologies are recognized and compete at the global level, the search for new markets is necessary. On September 11th the demo center for Lithuanian lasers will being opened in Taiwan, which means that cooperation of laser sector specialists with scientific institutions operating in Taiwan is expected in the near future, which will provide an opportunity to open the doors to the market of this country more widely.

More information on this topic: https://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/2000288006/labas-rytas-lietuva-i-d?time_start=542