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Join the webinar „Baltic Photonics 2021 MedLife”

The laser, probably from the beginning of its development, established itself in medicine. As a highly accurate and stable tool, it helps to produce life-saving devices: diagnostic preparations of the earliest stages of diseases, nanorobots that “repair” the body, as well as treat of various diseases. Lasers play an important role in various types of microscopy and imaging.

In order to encourage the use of laser technology in medicine, we invite you to participate in the virtual annual photonics event “Baltic Photonics”.The topic of the event is photonics and laser technologies for medical and life sciences applications.

„Baltic Photonics 2021 MedLife” (virtual event)

  • About: This B2B (business to business) event is dedicated to companies or institutions of photonics, laser technologies, medical and life sciences industries that are looking for cross-sectoral collaboration opportunities.
  • Date & Time: 16 of September (2021), 08:50 – 17:00 (CET)
  • Location: live broadcasting for registered attendees (via Zoom program)
  • Why to join? Get to know:
    • how photonics and laser technologies can be applied for medical or life sciences solution;
    • what are the challenges and needs of medical and life sciences companies and organizations;
    • achievements and competencies of ambitious startups, successful companies and scientists in the area of photonics, laser technologies, medicine and life sciences.

Also, you will have the opportunity to receive information about other attendees to establish connections for future collaboration.

Event is organized by Laser Micromachining Cluster TOOLAS, Visoriai information technology park and Optogama, together with partners Baltic Photonics Cluster and Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster (LITEK™).