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Accuracy, flexibility and mechanics

Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster (LITEK) companies covers a wide range of laser production market chain. Cooperating companies can produce and assemble not only a high-power and complex laser systems, but also the smallest, highest level of precision parts for these systems. Members of LITEK are some of Lithuanian companies which are specializing in precision mechanics and can provide the best deals for non-standard solutions, accuracy and precision demanding customers.

12 years ago JSC „Ekstremalė“ was formed and now it has earned a name of high level of product manufacturing company. Their activity – mechanical metal processing (milling and turning) and powder coating. Although the company is not large, but it allows to flexible adapt to customers orders and achieve the best results. One of their main mechanical metalworking tools is CNC milling machines in LITEK infrastructure. It allows to fulfill even the most complex and non-standard tasks, to achieve the highest level of accuracy and surface cleanliness. Oftenly such orders appear when it is needed to produce specific laser systems. Thats why LITEK companies have close work relationship between each other. Precision mechanical details may be manufactured from different kind of materials – aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass.

According to the head of the JSC „Ekstremalė“ Mantas Bortkevičius, each client orders in Lithuania and other foreign markets are very different, so one of the company s secret of success and strength is the ability to adapt to every individual order and short production time. Company production during the past year grew up by 50 percent. That is why JSC “Ekstremalė” successfully is carrying out its activities, grow and expand and is buying new equipment. Close cooperation with laser companies allows for “Ekstremalė” to become a leader in the market of manufacturing small quantities of unique parts production.

Other technology, partly the opposite to CNC milling machine s technology, but also contributes to the development of precision mechanics is 3D printing. CNC milling machine removes material from the initial piece, so as to form the final shape and 3D printing is an additive manufacturing. Material layers are placed on top of each other as the formation of the necessary detail. This is the difference between two techniques. The main advantage of 3D printing is that during manufacturing there is no waste produced and it is possible to obtain various forms of the details (even hollow). Member of LITEK JSC “3D prototypes” is the largest company in Baltic countries engaged in prototyping, 3D printing and designing. For each customer s unique product, they propose the best solution and design services. During 3D printing computer model is converted into a real object using additive manufacturing technology. According to the customers wishes it could be printed from plastic, metal or ferrous plastic.  This technology allows to obtain not only a high level of details accuracy, but also to check made prototypes how they fit in with all the rest of the system, and then start their serial production.

The increasing market demand for the company not to stand still. With the growing number of orders the whole company is growing with it. In the near future “3D prototypes” are planning to buy a second metal 3D printing machine. Vilius Koloskovas – “3D prototypes”, sales manager was asked what challenges they are facing the most. The answer was that people still do not trust 3D printing technique when manufacturing durable parts and they have to invest extra time in order to demonstrate details quality. “If there is a problem, it is good because then we have some decisions to make” – with this approach coordinators of the company  successfully led and still leads the business forward.

In cooperation with Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) JSC “3D prototypes” use EOS M280 machine produced in Germany and operating on the principle of laser fusion. This technology is called “Direct Metal Laser Sintering” (DMLS). A detail model designed with a computer is converted into a real object by melting the metal dust layer by layer with 200watt fiber laser. Accurate and stable complex shapes of metal components of size up to 25x25x30cm can be made without any additional tools just using this machine. Later the production is used for laser market and other devices and machines.

Not only lasers but also and engineering technologies are developing in LITEK. Specific and non-standard systems require specific and non-standard solutions for the customers. That is the reason why the cooperation of different profile cluster members creates added value for the production they are producing.