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21st October is the Day Of Photonics

The potential, diversity and innovativeness of photonics are inexhaustible. These technologies are irreplaceable in creating a sustainable, innovative and science-based future world.

Photonics technologies have taken hold in all industries without exception. The most striking invention of photonics is lasers, which can rightly be called the invention of the 21st century, on the basis of sustainable industry. These technologies have found application opportunities not only in manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and medical industries. Photonics-based discoveries drive scientific and technological progress in various fields, including solving ecological problems.

Thanks to enabled photonics technologies, sunlight is converted into electricity. Fiber optic networks transmit enormous amounts of data over long distances between continents and countries at the lowest energy costs. Photonic technologies support the creation of the largest arrays of data using imaging systems and optical sensors. Without these and other laser technologies, we would not be able to imagine the current world, moreover, they are extremely sustainable, non-polluting and contribute significantly to the implementation of climate protection.

It is estimated that the use of photonics technology can help reduce CO2 emissions by 3 billion. tons – until the 2030s.

Information source: Lithuanian laser association