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The workshop of generation international project′s activities and ideas in LITEK™

The representatives of Optence e.V, the German Rheine-Pfalz Region cluster, visited the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) and Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) in Lithuania, as well as in photonics companies whole week of April 16-20th. There was organized the workshop of generation international project′s ideas at Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster (LITEK™) conference hall during this visit on April 18th, which gathered not only guests from the German cluster Optence.e.V, LITEK™, but also representatives of affiliate  Lithuanian photonics companies. The main objective of the event was to make clear the innovative, competitive new product ideas and activities aimed to participate in international projects.

The event was attended by representatives of such world-renowned companies as Optence e.V cluster, Topag Lasertechnik GmbH, Visitech Engineering GmbH, OptoTech GmbH, BUSCH Microsystems Consult GmbH, who presented the specifics and distinctive features of their businesses at the workshop. The representatives of the following Lithuanian photonics companies: Workshop of Photonics (wop), JSC „Quantum Light Instruments“, JSC “Lidaris” have arrived to meet the foreign partners, to tell about the products that are manufactured and  technologies are developed by their companies and also to share ideas.The representatives of LITEK™ companies as JSC „Integrated Fiber Optics“, JSC „Optonas“, JSC „Ekstremalė“, „Eksma Optics“ and  the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) joined these companies at the workshop. Since the main goal of the event was to make clear an ideas, activities also development of new products for participation in international projects, the executive director of Optent e.V cluster, Mrs. Daniela Reuter presented the specification of activities of the represented cluster members and the cluster’s history / competencies as well as the main goal of the visit- the partner’s search criteria for participation in future international projects in the field of R&D. Optence e.V, one of the strongest German clusters, the owner of the Silver Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), is LITEK™ partner in the Cosme programme project  Laser Go Global, currently being implemented. This cluster the partner search for future projects carries out in 3 countries as Lithuania, Finland and the USA state of Arizona.

During the event, LITEK™ Project Manager Linas Eriksonas, using the advanced management methodology, helped the workshop participants to make clear 3 innovative and competitive activities in the development of new products, which will be discussed between Optence e.V. cluster representatives and will be presented to the members of this cluster later.

The participants of the ideas workshop are hoping to develop the result of this meaningful and effective meeting – a partnership in international projects for the development of new products in the future.