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Cooperation with the Ukrainian State Design Office „Yuzhnoye“

Representatives of  Ukrainian state-owned Design Office „Yuzhnoye“- Aleksandr Nikolayevich Loginov and Strelcova Tatyana Petrovna visited the Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster  LITEK on 17th of October . The main goal of the visit was to establish contacts with the LITEK cluster members and to find contact points for joint initiatives.

Representatives of LITEK cluster companies and partners UAB „Integrali skaidulinė optika“, UAB „3D prototipai“, UAB “Optonas”, UAB „Elas“, UAB “Progresyvūs verslo sprendimai” and UAB „Eksma Optics“ presented the main directions of activities and research during the meeting. The representative of Design Office „Yuzhnoye“ Aleksandr Nikolayevich Loginov introduced with the history of his company and his many years of experience in  design and development of rocket launchers in the space industry. Whereas the  Design Office „Yuzhnoye“ often performs as general contractor in the implementation of projects, discussions were focused on the possibility of engaging the supply chains of these projects with high-quality optoelectronics components.Representatives of „Yuzhnoye“ were interested in good project management, new product development practices, and technological cluster capabilities.

Ukrainian State Design Office „Yuzhnoye“ expressed its willingness to cooperate in the Horizon 2020 project and invited the cluster companies to participate and present their opportunities at the International Space Conference / Exhibition ,organized by them, which is going on  in May of 2019.Representatives of Lithuania Embassy in Ukraine and the Commercial Attaché and other representatives of Lithuania also Design Office „Yuzhnoye“ discussed  with representatives of Ukrainian Rada and Ukrainian Space Museums  the issues of strengthening cooperation and communication in the field of aerospace at the  meeting which was organised in Kyiv on 22  of May ,2017.It has also been agreed to submit proposals to the bilateral Ukrainian-Lithuanian Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission, the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and MITA.

Ukrainian State Design Office „Yuzhnoye“  develops satellites and rockets. The office participated in the creation of a carrier rocket that has launched the European Space Agency’s experimental space re-use aircraft IXV in the orbit. The Design Office „Yuzhnoye“  has been founded in the Soviet Union time and has been supplying rocket technology to Western partners now.